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          Zhejiang Tiankang Electronic Technology Co., Ltd.


          Company Culture

          Business philosophy: people-oriented, strict management, reform and innovation, and quality service.

          People are the most precious resources in an enterprise. Respecting individuals, fully authorizing, emphasizing the environment and the quality of employees are the source of motivation for enterprise development;

          Management is the eternal theme of enterprise development, and it is strictly an effective guarantee for management. The production and operation of an enterprise can only be carried out in an orderly manner under the exercise of management functions such as planning, organization, control, coordination, command, and decision-making. Good benefits. Strictly guarantee the management of benefits;

          Only continuous reform and innovation, active development of new products, and relying on technological innovation and value innovation to create high-quality products with excellent value for customers can win the market;
          Use the "timely, professional and friendly" way to provide customers with perfect services before, during and after sales, on the premise of customer value-added and good experience, and enhance the core competitiveness of the enterprise;

          Business policy: Take the initiative to attack, control the market, know each other, and do everything step by step.

          Enterprise spirit: dedication, integrity, teamwork, innovation

          1. Dedication:
          (1) It is a spirit of devotion to a career, and pursues career as a career.
          (2) It is a professional spirit. Constantly challenge difficulties and challenge ourselves, constantly improve and perfect, and strive to be the best.
          (3) It is a spirit of courage to take responsibility, take risks for the cause, actively seek opportunities, and explore new growth points.

          2. Integrity:
          (1) Emphasize loyalty to the company and work responsibilities, do their loyal duties, and value personal credit;
          (2) The spirit of integrity is the foundation of the enterprise and employees' personal safety and security, and the premise for the enterprise to establish a good communication atmosphere and mutual trust;
          (3) Emphasize the fulfillment of commitments between enterprises and customers, employees and enterprises, and superiors and subordinates.


          3. Team:
          (1) It is a good professional state with a spirit of cooperation, an interactive concept of mutual open mind, and an ecological atmosphere of communication and barrier-free.
          (2) Responsible for their own work, responsible for team work, focusing on collaboration and cooperation with other departments. There is an overall concept of partial obedience to the overall situation;
          (3) Focus on establishing a harmonious and healthy working environment and interpersonal relationships.

          4. Innovation:
          (1) Continue to surpass the past and keep making progress.
          (2) On the basis of the original success, actively explore new methods and working ideas, and make continuous progress.
          (3) Focus on basic work, find and discover innovative breakthroughs in every detail, and be good at learning and summarizing