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          Zhejiang Tiankang Electronic Technology Co., Ltd.


          Leader's Message

          Dear customers and friends:

          Talent is the foundation of strong enterprises, and norms are the guidelines of enterprises. As Zhejiang Tiankang Electronic Technology Co., Ltd. strengthened its strength, the company continued to increase investment in human resources, actively adopted measures to recruit talents from the outside world, strengthen internal training and cultivate talents, and cultivate a professional, good management, An enterprise management team that can manage and pursue excellence.

          At the same time, the company has formulated and perfected a series of management standards and management systems to make the process of each business department clear and orderly, providing a powerful guarantee for the realization of various business objectives.

          Corporate culture unites people's hearts and promotes brand value. In the development process, the company attaches great importance to the formation of corporate culture and brand building, starting from the details to cultivate corporate cohesion, and as an important principle to carry out each business activity, gradually formed "create high-quality brand, establish technical leadership, "Continuously improve services, continue to reduce costs, and become a century-old enterprise" business philosophy and corporate culture core, and deeply rooted in everyone's heart.

          In the future development process, Zhejiang Tiankang Electronic Technology Co., Ltd. will continue to adhere to the above business philosophy, by further strengthening standardized management, building an elite team, cultivating advanced culture, building high-quality brands, etc., to ensure the sustainable, healthy and rapid development of the enterprise . It is our responsibility to create a good growth platform for employees, continuously create value for society, and continuously promote the company's own development!

          Zhejiang Tiankang Electronic Technology Co., Ltd. looks forward to working hand in hand with colleagues from all walks of life to write a new chapter of splendor!